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Our First Family Fun Day!!!

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Running Cedar Therapies hosted our first Family Fun Day in early November. Two wonderful families came to share a Saturday morning of having fun and building community in nature!

Some highlights of the day:

Parents and children got to ride together on our giant swing!

Children got to ride by themselves in our adapted swing.

Everyone enjoyed using ribbons to celebrate the fun they were having. Notice the big brothers on the side waving their ribbons as they share in their sister's excitement!

After the excitement of the swing, the big brothers got to learn how to make tinder from waxed cord and start a fire using flint and steel. We used the fire to roast marshmallows for s'mores. We also kept comfortable on a chilly morning by drinking hot apple cider together around the campfire.

Shelley, our Physical Therapist, helped children to peel and slice apples to enjoy by the fire.

One of our central values at Running Cedar Therapies is community-building. We need one another for support and for celebration! This morning was full of both.

Please join our Outside Fun for Everyone private Facebook page to help us build an inclusive community of nature-loving families here in Central NC.

You can also email us at to get put on our list to receive information about upcoming Family Fun Days.

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