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Get to Know Our Pediatric OT and PT Practice

Gardening Class

Our Vision is to Support Each Child to…


Children are meant to play. That’s how they learn best. We provide play opportunities in each session that promote skills development while having fun. 


Problem Solve

The chance to explore and practice new ways of doing things so skills can be applied to a variety of new situations.



Everyone should have opportunities to do fun and meaningful activities.

Our Vision is for Each Caregiver and Family to Grow in…


Your relationship with your child grows when you understand how they communicate and experience the world. You’ll also feel less alone when you build connections with other parents going through similar experiences. 



Build confidence in what you can do with your child. You’ll feel stronger as a parent when equipped with customized strategies, tools and knowledge to navigate daily life with your child with differences. 



Parenting is never an easy task, and it can be even harder when your child has developmental or physical challenges.  We are here to help empower you as a parent so you can have the confidence and community you need to do what’s right for your unique child and family’s needs.

Family in the Park
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Everyone Needs Time in Nature

Nature is a powerful partner in our therapy program. A relationship with nature promotes wellbeing, curiosity, risk-taking, and skill development. The impact of nature can not be replicated in indoor environments or even built outdoor spaces. 


Too many children are missing out on the life experiences and benefits of spending time in the wild places of the great outdoors. 


Our practice uses the CoTiGO approach – an evidence-based system for providing therapy outdoors.


 At the core of this approach is seeing nature as our partner in therapy to:


  • Build connections with each other and the natural world

  • Provide transformation using evidence-based therapy interventions

  • Take full advantage of the health and well-being benefits of learning in the great outdoors

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Everyone Needs Time in Nature

This is just not our belief, a wealth of research supports the value and power of outdoor activities for children. 


According to Child & Nature Network, spending time in nature improves:


  • Academic Performance

  • Focus & Attention

  • Enthusiasm

  • Engagement in Learning

  • Impulse Control

  • Negative Behaviors

  • Motor development


With the program at Running Cedar, you get the best possible combination of effective therapy interventions and the powerful impact from immersion in nature.  

Beliefs About Neurodiversity

We love the term neurodiversity as it offers a positive view of brain-based differences including Autism, ADHD, or dyslexia. Instead of being viewed as a disorder, a diagnosis is understood as a difference in how the brain thinks and learns. This recognizes both the great abilities and additional challenges that come with a brain that simply thinks differently. 

This view appreciates that even parents and caregivers have strengths and challenges based on your sensory systems and how your brain works. That’s why we address the needs of the whole family system as a powerful way to create positive change. 

Also offering Social Groups with both
OT and Speech Therapy

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