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Occupational Therapy for Children and Teens

Exceptional Setting. Exceptional Children. Exceptional Results.

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Ever feel like it's hard to find answers and positive experiences for children and teens who think, learn, move, and play differently?

You’re in the right place if you’re concerned about your child’s social skills, coordination, or ability to do everyday things.

We’re here to work with your child and equip you as the parent. It’s not about ‘fixing’ your child, but rather uncovering the right solutions for a smoother daily life.

Helping Children Age 3+ and Teens Play, Problem Solve, & Participate

Social Skills  – Practice the skills like turn-taking, impulsivity control, and perspective-taking to help your child be a better friend and group member.

Emotional Regulation  – Learn to better feel, understand, and handle emotions and challenging situations.

Fine Motor Skills – Beyond just addressing handwriting, we work on all the skills of the hand for school and in daily activities, such as dressing and helping around the house.

Sensory Processing – Engage in sensory-rich experiences to decrease overwhelm and increase attention and participation.

Problem Solving and Safety – Figure out new situations, plan and execute multiple-step actions, and learn to take risks in a safe way.

Daily Living Skills – Practice cutting food, preparing a snack, putting on clothing, and navigating daily routines.

And parents, this program is for you too!

We help you to grow connection, confidence, and courage. So you cultivate parenting skills for your unique child while feeling connected with our community of supportive parents.

Our Doctors

Not the typical occupational therapy program. We’re different because we…

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Image by Annie Spratt
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Take full advantage of the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors – to move, to experience different sensations, to interact with an environment that is ever-changing so your child meets their goals while having fun and improving mental health. 

Go above and beyond to help you feel supported at home – so you get real results (because you only get so far with a few hours of therapy a week). 

Develop a connection with a natural place – to foster physical and mental health, as well as a desire to protect our environment.  

Offer peace of mind with program options presented upfront so there’s no ambiguity around time commitment, communication, or next steps for your child. The information and support you need is all accessible within our program.

To make sure nothing gets missed and parents and children have an amazing experience, we’ve included everything needed as all-inclusive programs. Select the level of support that meets your needs.

How it Works

Our Intake Process

We’re dedicated to making sure each family is a good fit for our occupational therapy services. We’re here to support you throughout each step of the process. 


1. Free 30-minute consult call {button to schedule}

2. Intake paperwork

3. Evaluation and recommendations

4. Select Your services and begin

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How OT Services are Offered

It’s easy to think therapy is just for the child or teen. We see best results by connecting with your everyday life as a family. We offer OT service as a complete program so no not key elements (like parent support) get missed. 

Our 3 Levels of Support

Essentials Package

Perfect for families who want to focus on skill-building in outdoor spaces but aren’t ready for or don’t need as many touchpoints for home.








Each quarter includes: 

  • 10 Individual Sessions

  • 3 - 30 minute video or phone consultations

  • 1-month free access to our online learning platform

  • Multidisciplinary consultation

  • 1 Personalized visual support

  • Inclusive Family Fun Event

  • Access to Resource Library

Three monthly payments of


Complete Package

Ready for your child to enjoy their therapy sessions and see real improvement in the daily life of your family? This is our most frequently recommended package because it offers a highly effective combination of individual sessions and additional support. 


Each quarter includes: 

  • 10 Individual Sessions

  • 5 - 30 minute video or phone consultations

  • Ongoing access to our online learning platform

  • Multidisciplinary consultation

  • Up to 3 personalized visual supports

  • 1 Inclusive Family Fun Event

  • 1 Home or Community Consultation

  • Access to Resource Library

Three monthly payments of


3% Discount available for payment in full by check at start of each quarter.

Intensive Package

Moving forward with unparalleled support. Taking your family from overwhelmed to a clear plan. We’re here to address multiple areas and build a team of support around you and your child.   


Because we invest so much energy for each family in this program, limited slots are available per quarter. 


Each quarter includes:

  • 10 Individual Sessions

  • 10 -  30 minute parent or caregiver coachings

  • Ongoing access to online learning platform

  • Multidisciplinary consultation

  • Up to 5 personalized visual supports

  • Inclusive Family Fun Event

  • 3 Home or Community Consultations

  • Access to Resource Library 

Three monthly payments of


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The Elements of Individual Occupational Therapy Packages

  • In person sessions – Our sessions are both fun and effective, perfect for addressing a wide range of skills.  And did we mention that our beautiful outdoor location in Hillsborough provides endless possibilities for activities that feel fun, refreshing, and a little magical? 


  • Personalized Visual Supports  – The right tools can make an astounding difference, especially when created based on how your child thinks and learns. Ranging from visual schedules for showing the steps to get ready for bed or a social story to help your child understand a new situation. 


  • Online Learning Platform – Bridging our session in nature with what’s going on at home. You’ll get updates for each session and a place to organize all the information. Plus, this makes it easy to communicate in between sessions. 


  • Resource Library - Our favorite handouts, books, and items so you get the info you need without spending extra $$. 


  • Family Fun Events –  Connect with other parents who understand, while your child plays with other kids. We host quarterly events for families. You’ll also get access to our private Facebook group for RC families and other local families who face similar challenges and who are wanting to find ways to deepen their family’s connection to the natural world.


  • Engage Your Real Life –  We come to your home, school, or community location to bridge therapy to real-life challenges. Your child wins when everyone collaborates. We’re available to attend IEPs, provide teacher education, or just work with your child in a setting where they need targeted practice.  


  • Parent Coaching via Phone or Video Call – Increase independence and sense of self-efficacy with problem-solving. It’s so much easier to talk during a dedicated time so you can focus without your child listening. We’ve found parent coaching calls to be one of the most powerful parts of our program.

\We’d love to talk through which package meets the needs of your family. 

Initial Occupational Therapy Evaluation

We’re committed to identifying and addressing the concerns that matter to YOU and your family. We’ll look at not only your child’s skills but also both your strengths and concerns as a parent. 

We use a variety of assessment measures to understand the root of your child’s challenges and be able to track progress. We then collaborate to identify goals for our work together.

Child Drawing On Cup

Helping Your Exceptional Child Get Exceptional Results.

Located on our magical property outside of Hillsborough, NC, easily accessible from Durham, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro. 

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