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Forest Playground

Therapy in the Outdoors to Help Children Play, Problem Solve, and Participate

Nature-Based OT and PT

in Hillsborough, North Carolina

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Comprehensive support in an outdoor setting designed for building emotional, social, and physical skills.

Every child deserves the opportunity to enjoy life, be outdoors and build friendships. And time spent immersed in nature might be especially important if your child has a learning disability, physical disability, sensory processing difference, ADHD, or autism.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place:

“I want my child to be able to get outdoors with friends and family, but I don’t know how  to make this happen or where to go.”

“My child is lagging behind in some skills and I want to find support now so these don’t turn into long-term problems.”

“Truthfully, family life is hard because of my child’s extra challenges, meltdowns, and needs.”

“I feel lonely and confused about parenting my child with disabilities  and I’m looking for a community of support.”

A unique approach to occupational and physical therapy, using nature as our learning space.

We invite everyone in the family to join in the therapeutic setting of the outdoors. Giving families two benefits in one - access to the benefits of a positive community while receiving high-quality therapy. 

Being outside just feels good. And research tells us that time spent outside creates a positive ripple effect throughout the rest of the day.

Nature plays a powerful role in emotional and physical health for adults and children: 

  • Encourages physical activity

  • Reduces stress and increases calm

  • Helps facilitate connection to self and others

  • Encourages healthy risk-taking

Our Doctors

Services Offered

Kids in the Garden
Disabled child sit on mat that is paved on the lawn in the park with fun._Beside each othe
Children Playing in Park
Walking in the Woods
Occupational Therapy for Children and Teens

Daily life is transformed with an approach that looks at all the aspects where you and your child might be struggling. We create a customized plan, taking into account your specific needs, challenges, and goals. 

Physical Therapy for Children and Teens

Running Cedar is finding ways to increase accessibility to daily life and outdoor adventures for kids and teens with disabilities. Your child will work on balance, strength, spatial awareness, coordination and confidence for movement-related activities in a real life setting.

Social Groups

Our highly skilled therapists have experience working with individuals, groups, and families.  Social group therapy, provided in our outdoor setting will help your kids build physical and thinking skills, plus connections with one another and the natural world.  

Upcoming Events

It can be hard to connect with parents who understand your challenges. Our community events give your kids a chance to play and provide parents a chance to give and receive support from one another.

How it Works

Nature-Filled Hillsborough Location, Brimming with Adventure and Possibility

Stepping into nature offers unparalleled possibilities for play, improving mood, and trying new things. When it comes to therapy – providing real-world experiences is key. 


That’s why our therapy practice exists on a beautiful piece of land featuring creative spaces to play, learn, and explore. 


Imagine your child playing yard games on our grassy field, walking or wheeling along our accessible trail, problem-solving while building forts, and enjoying the sensation of the cool pond. 


Onsite facilities also include a tent for group activities, rainy days, and magical adventures. Our indoor space includes a desk area for fine motor skills practice and a cozy spot to practice activities of daily living.

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The Way Therapy Should Be

Every child deserves a chance to live a life filled with purpose, connection, meaning, and confidence. Running Cedar provides the experience of occupational and physical therapy in a truly natural setting, combining the joys of nature with skill-building in a family-centered way. 


In addition, we’re here to provide support to parents that honors the joys and challenges of parenting a child with different abilities.

Exceptional Setting. Exceptional Children. Exceptional Results.

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